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    Lucky Spin Draw

    2023/09/19 00:00:00-LONG TERM

    This is a long-term lottery benefit applicable to all users of tala888

    We have carefully prepared a roulette spin prize draw

    Every player who bets on the game and reaches the minimum bet on the rotating wheel can click on the roulette wheel to start the bonus claiming activity.

    We have prepared a number of bonus projects. Every draw will bring your luck.

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    Invite friends and create wealth together

    2023/09/19 00:00:00-LONG TERM

    This is a preferential benefit for all players of tala888

    Every player can become an agent of tala888

    Every user you invite can bring you unlimited commissions

    We look forward to your joining and your friends joining tala888

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    5% rebate for recharge

    2023/09/04 00:00:00-LONG TERM

    tala888 grandly launches New Year recharge and rebate event

    All members of tala can participate in one rebate every day

    The recharge bonus is up to 5%, and it will be automatically credited to your account if the recharge is successful.

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    Amazing bonuses, super vip

    2023/09/04 00:00:00-LONG TERM

    To give back to all tala888 users,the VIP reward mechanism is now open.

     As long as you can meet the requirements, you can receive generous bonuses!

    Activity Requirements

    Players upgrade to a new VIP level you will get free bonus, no withdrawal requirements.

    event bonus